USS Ticonderoga

Welcome to the USS Ticonderoga!

At the far side of Romulan space, deep within the Beta Quadrant, the Federation starship USS Ticonderoga explores the unknown. Her five year mission is to seek out new life and new civilisations.

The year is 2373 and the Ticonderoga is already two years into her five year deep space mission of exploration. This Cheyenne Class vessel leads this mission of exploration for the Federation, to make new friends and discover new wonders the Beta Quadrant has to offer.

Will the Ticonderoga's crew be able to weather the Beta Quadrant storm? Join now to find out!

The USS Ticonderoga is looking for dedicated writers who want to be part of something which is a little bit different to the usual Star Trek simulation. If you feel you have what it takes then please join the fun!

Available Positions

Chief Counselor
Junior Officers

RPG Rating 3 2 3

Latest Mission Posts

» Decision Made

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Posted on Tue Sep 14th, 2021 @ 8:46pm by Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant JG Naomi Blackman

The Ticonderoga had left Starbase 11, in the Typhoon sector, just over two years ago. She had left without a Chief Helmsman, something Zaar wasnt comfortable with but Commander Ral had assured him that they had a good pool of pilots which could be rotated to fill in at the…

» To Health And Life On A Starship

Mission: Side Post
Posted on Wed Aug 25th, 2021 @ 4:25am by Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Lieutenant JG Taviyn Keliyn


Aurora had no idea how engineers with just one body were able to do it. Getting Ticonderoga ready to launch on time was taxing all three of her and it was all she could do to find time for her to…

» A Simple Headache

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Posted on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 @ 7:55am by Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir & Lieutenant JG Taviyn Keliyn

Zaar had been staring at his console for far to long catching up on reports and now, out of date, communiques from Starfleet which generally arrive 6 to 8 weeks after they were sent.

Rubbing his temple, he walked into Sickbay. "Doctor Taviyn, what can you give me for this…

» Ice Cream Promotion

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Posted on Fri Aug 20th, 2021 @ 8:31pm by Lieutenant JG Naomi Blackman

Naomi was still in shock, as she had a big grin on her face. She walked into her classroom lobby. Her new uniform was bearing the new rank pip on her collar. She wondered if Carolyn her daughter would notice the new shiny pip on the shirt.

Carolyn had yet…

» Family Matters pt. 3

Mission: Side Post
Posted on Thu Aug 19th, 2021 @ 4:16am by Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir & Lieutenant Rrelle


The observation lounge/conference room seemed the best place for the meeting, but almost immediately Aurora wondered if they should have chosen a more relaxed locale. If this had been a Galaxy class or even Ambassador there would have been an arboretum. As violet nervously chewed on a…

Latest Personal Logs

» Status Report

Posted on Sat Jun 19th, 2021 @ 7:33pm by Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir

The Ticonderoga has just spent the last three weeks cataloguing sector JK-301. To say it's been a dull and boring three weeks is the biggest understatement I've made.

This sector of space is pretty much devoid of anything remotely interesting or alive. There was a hint of excitement when we…