USS Ticonderoga

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System Arriving

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 10:09am by Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Alec MacBain & Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Lieutenant JG Naomi Blackman & Lieutenant JG Chiara & Lieutenant JG Taviyn Keliyn

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Location: Bridge, USS Ticonderoga
Timeline: MD 04 - 1000

Captain Zaar sat in his chair on the bridge of the Ticonderoga as the Cheyenne class vessel entered its first system in sector JK-301. He didn't know what to expect but being the first Federation ship to explore this region of Space was always an exciting prospect.

"Drop us out of warp, Lieutenant Blackman." He ordered

Naomi had a big grin on her face. "Aye Captain." Naomi said, as this was her first time as chief, that she got to drop the Ticonderoga out of warp. Her fingers slid over the buttons as the ship decelerated out of warp.

Aurora gray, seated at the engineering station, stared at the forward viewscreen. Down in engineering green watched as the warp core's pulse as her own quickened. Maybe this time there would be some excitement...

"Excellent. Commander Ral and Lieutenant Chiara, please begin your scans." The Andorian said with a smile.

"Welcome to the Beta Crucis system. Residing happily here are two asteroid belts, and thirteen planets. Thus far we are only reading one Class M. There seems to be some holes in the system. More accurately areas that our sensors can't seem to penetrate. We are working that problem." Daynah crossed the bridge to the science station as she spoke.

The sensor shadows bothered Chiara as she reviewed the sensor reading she was interested in. Ops and security could work on the missing information and fix up the sensors. "It looks like there may be some signs of nuclear activity in the planet's past. I can't tell from here whether it's naturally occurring or intentional. It does look like it's worth investigating further though. I'm finding indicators for other resources."

"I would have to agree this is where our research should begin." Daynah concurred.

"Any life signs down there?" The Andorian Captain asked as he stood up from his chair and took a couple of steps towards the viewscreen.

"I've got readings of plant life with a rich, oxygen environment," Chiara confirmed. "Sensors are not picking up signs of civilized activity. Now that we're in orbit of the planet, I can confirm there is nuclear decay within the atmosphere. We'll need to take precautions if we head to the planet's surface to protect the team from residual radiation. I can't tell where the radiation is coming from yet."

"Is there enough decay that it might interfere with communications or telemetry from probes?" Aurora gray asked.

"Not if we deploy the whiskers into a lower orbit than the ship. They can relay the signals as needed..." Daynah spoke as she looked over the scans as they came in. "Initial scans seem to indicate that there was once a civilization down there but they may have destroyed themselves."

Alec stood at his station, keeping his eyes on the ships systems while he listened to the conversation on the bridge. It was a necessary skill when working the bridge to be able to multi task and be aware of all things.

"Make it so. Lieutenant Chiara, are you sure there isn't any life down on that planet?" The Captain asked, looking at the biologist.

"Well, I said there's plant life, but if you're asking about civilized life, that's not something we're detecting with sensors at this point." Chiara answered. "With the radiation levels, it's possible that more advanced lifeforms may have gone underground for protection and thus, evidence of their existence becomes a bit more challenging to find."

"Well, I do like a challenge," Aurora noted, "And crewman Shtott did choose underground civilization on the betting pool so I am sure he would like us to pursue that theory. Even if they are under ground a civilization would leave some trace. Air pollutants, for example. Waste gases from industry. Or if they produced trash I imagine they might toss it up onto the surface. Maybe we could detect for transmissions of some sort? If I recall ancient civilizations employed carrier wave technology: radio."

"And there's none of that?" Zaar queried.

Daynah deployed her whiskers and within seconds data was coming back to her terminal. "Captain the enhanced sensors are showing no sign of intelligent life. There is a thick, lush ecosystem down there, but nothing beyond that. It is possible that whatever life was here destroyed itself."

Alec hated the thought of any species simply going into extinction but it was a reality of life. He would still hold out hope that there was some life down there they couldn’t detect. Stranger things had happened.

Aurora frowned and idly tapped her control console. After a moment she said, "All right, let's assume they wiped each other out. Did they make it into space? Perhaps there is some trace of them elsewhere in this system. Unless the radiation is somehow natural in origin?"

"Not a bad suggestion." The Andorian said nodding in agreement. "Is there anything in the system that would indicate they left this world?"

Naomi's curiosity was starting to take hold. She was curious what happened to the race. Why did they leave? Exploration? Forced evacuation? Another reason? She had no idea, it was truly a mystery, and she loved a good mystery.

It took Daynah a moment to check the planet for any signs of an evacuation. "If they did evacuate it was so long ago that there are no signs of launchpads or the like. According to current scans there is no evidence to support a theory that they evacuated."

"Well," Aurora murmured, "I was not so much thinking a mass exodus rather than an attempt to explore this system. To explore you would need few facilities. One, as a matter of fact. And if I were to explore the wider universe I would start with the largest target in the sky, like humans did. What is the largest visible body from the planet surface? If there were people who made it off this world I would think that would have been their first stop."

Provided there were any people at all, she thought to herself. What if the radiation was a natural phenomena...?

"Anything on the planets moons?" Zaar asked, wondering what this mystery was.

"There are sensor shadows in the system, but not on any of the moons. We're not seeing any signs of civilization on any of the moons either." Chiara reported.

"Is it possible they died from nuclear war?" The Andorian Captain asked as he stood up from his chair and took a couple of steps towards the viewscreen.

"Seems likely," Aurora murmured as she regarded the moons, "Captain, Earth's moon is airless and as a result the debris left behind from the Apollo missions were perfectly preserved; even the footprints in the moon dust were maintained. While we continue the principle investigation here I would like to see if we could at least give the moons a cursory glance for similar debris, possibly even probes."

"Not a bad idea, Lieutenant." The Andorian agreed with a nod. "If, whoever these people were, had nuclear fission then there's a good possibility they began to explore their solar system."

"Sickbay to bridge. Captain, if you're going to send teams down there, I suggest we take full radiation and biohazard precautions, although I don't think EV suits are warranted. The radiation I'm detecting won't be harmful, as long as you don't spend three or four days down there. All the same, I'm preparing hironilin treatments and inoculations for nuclear radiation just the same."

"Thank you, Doctor." The Andorian replied before turning to his first officer. "Fancy taking a team down to begin surveying the surface?"

"I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't..." Dayanah replied with a smirk. "This is why we are out here." She added as the excitement built in her voice. "Lieutenant Warner, Chiara, Doc you're with me." She rose and started making her way toward the turbolift.

Chiara signed out of the science terminal before falling into step behind the first officer. She was unsettled by all of conversation about an advanced civilization wiping themselves out by a nuclear holocaust. Despite her origins from a planet which had destroyed itself, assuming a civilization wiped themselves out was conclusion she would not have leapt to without any form of proof. Still, she was interested to see what was down on the planet - previously occupied or not.

Alec admitted to himself a bit of envy that they were going on an away mission but not everyone could go though most would want to. He hoped they found out what happened to those who had lived there. He had to believe someone would have left documentation hidden as to what had happened but that could just be wishful thinking on his part.

"Lieutenant Blackman, take us into a standard orbit. Lieutenant Aurora, will we be able to transport a team down their safely?" The Captain asked.

Naomi inputted the coordinates and prepared to hit enter on her console. The ship slowly moved into orbit. "Aye sir." She simply said, with a big grin.

Aurora glanced again at the telemetry coming in, "So far I am not seeing anything that would obviously prevent us from using the transporters. All the same I would like to beam down a test cylinder to the proposed away team landing site. Last thing I want to find out is that some element in the atmosphere might interfere with the transporter signal."

"Good idea, get on it, Lieutenant." Zaar said as he returned to his seat in the centre of the bridge. "Let's get exploring."


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