USS Ticonderoga

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Parry Riposte

Posted on Wed Oct 6th, 2021 @ 9:49am by Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Location: Various USS Ticonderoga
Timeline: MD 03 - 1730

When you had three bodies it was easy to multi-task, so while violet was pulling a shift in Engineering going through status and personnel reports gray was supervising a diagnostic, allowing the junior officers to handle thing under her watchful eye.

That allowed green to track down the XO. She had made certain to catch up with her once her shift was done and to discuss matters with her on the go, minimizing any potential time wasting.

Because judging by the look on her face during the staff meeting Daynah Ral might think this was the absolute worst waste of time in recent memory.

Aurora was still a little offput by Trill; the very idea of enslaving yourself to a slug...ew. Just...ew. They insisted it was a symbiotic relationship, but was it really? She gave a mental shrug; it was not for her to say, she was not a doctor.

She spotted the XO exiting the turbolift and smiling strode up to her, "Commander! I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time while you are off to wherever it is you are going?"

"I was just heading to the holodeck for some sword play. Take a walk with me Lieutenant. What can I do for you?" Daynah replied with a soft smile. She was always available for the crew. It was not only her job, but it was something that she rather enjoyed.

Aurora fell into step beside the XO, she said, "Two things, really. The first is I have completed my betting pool and will be posting it soon, with a majority of time being more holodeck privileges. In our replicator age of wonders it is difficult to come up with prizes people could not simply whip up themselves. Well, I could have offered a plate of home made brownies but my cooking almost qualifies as a war crime.

"On another note, I couldn't help but notice that perhaps you were not entirely enthusiastic regarding the 'Olympics' that the Captain and certain others are promoting," she smiled, "With three pairs of eyes I don't miss much. I was thinking one work around for you might be you acting as a judge rather than a contestant?"

Daynah smiled she expected this as the Chief Engineer said she had three pairs of eyes and did not miss much if anything. "I believe that these Olympics will do more harm than good for the morale of the crew. Competition is not something that fosters comradery or bonding. However, the Captain disagrees and ultimately it is his will that matters. So it shall come to pass. But if it is all the same to you I would rather just sit it out." She softened the look on her face in an effort to soften the blow to the Engineer. Daynah knew her words sounded harsh but there was no other way around it.

"You could be right, Commander," Aurora acknowledged, "But I don't think you are giving the crew enough credit. I can't think of anyone on board who wouldn't lose gracefully. On the other hand..."

She held up a padd, "...I am still working on my betting pool, adding squares. The latest is..." she scanned it, "The planet will look like Canada, with fir trees and hills. Another new entry is it will look identical to some ancient Earth culture, and a third is we will find a race of sentient teddy bears. Care to add a square to the pool?"

"I am going out on a limb and I am going to say a Vulcan off shoot race akin to the Romulans or the Mintakans. Put me in for that and just to hedge my bets I am also going to take a square for an all aquatic class M planet." Daynah smiled she wanted to show that she was not entirely a fuddy duddy. In truth as the Trill stood there holding a sword she wondered why Aurora simply did not ask if she wanted to compete in fencing.

"Got it!" Aurora replied as she noted that on the padd. After a moment, she seemed to hesitate and then said, "Commander, for what's it's worth, I think the crew would love to see you fence. I know you have given out plenty of lessons to various crew members, and honestly I wish I had done better when you tried giving me a few pointers..."

Aurora inwardly winced as again and again Daynah had poked her in the chest with the foil, every lesson flying from all three heads as she attempted to hold her weapon just so in her hand. She was glad there had not been an audience.

"...instead of just the point," she continued, grinning as she rubbed her chest. She turned serious, "Just give it some thought, okay?"

The fine art of fencing and dueling was a slowly dying artform and Daynah knew it. In fact if it weren't for Ral Daynah wouldn't be any good with a sword in her hands. It was because of Ral that Daynah felt it unfair for her to compete. But Aurora had a point... "It is something to think about. Although I would pity whoever you would put up against me." She said with a grin. "I was about to go head to the holodeck to brush up my Agrippa."

"I am assuming that is something fencing related and not your new cat," Aurora replied with an almost impish grin, "Well, despite there being three of me I have plenty to do. Oh, and if you think you don't have any competition then you haven't been looking around for it hard enough. I heard a rumor there is an informal fencing club among the ensigns, some offshoot of their holodeck adventuring."

"No problem Lieutenant and thanks for the chat." Daynah rather enjoyed that Aurora helped her keep the pulse of the crew. It was after all the XO's job to make sure that the crew was happy.

Aurora nodded, then trotted off as she checked off another name on her padd...


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