USS Ticonderoga

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Going Public

Posted on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 7:13am by Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Rrelle & Lieutenant JG Taviyn Keliyn

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Location: U.S.S. Ticonderoga, Briefing Room
Timeline: MD 03 - 0930

Kaeliyn was nervous, although she didn't think she had anything to worry about. Still, talking to the command team about something so personal was a bit rattling. However, looking over at Rrelle as the others left, she grew in strength from the look on her girlfriend's face.

"So, what do you both need to speak to us about?" The Captain asked curiously with a brief glance at his first officer.

"Well, it's like this captain. Kaeliyn and I have been dating for some time and we have been discreet up to this point but considering we are more or less equals in rank and responsibility, we have decided we don't want to sneak around anymore. We want to let you know of our relationship. We are in love. We thought you and the xo should know." Rrelle said. She was nervous as well. If the Captain said no, well that could be a big problem, She couldn't give up Kaeliyn. No matter what! They were in love,

Zaar had no idea that there had been any sort of relationship other than professional between the two of them. "Well, Doctor, all those lunches and dinners we've shared and you've never once let slip that you were seeing anyone!" The Andorian said with a smile.

Daynah cocked an eyebrow at the news. Fraternization among the crew was not unheard of. However, it was still frowned upon. But as far as Daynah was concerned it was not her place to pass judgement on the other two officers. it was the Captain's place and she would make sure that his orders were carried out. She just hoped that the Captain knew that whatever he said here would echo throughout the crew.

"When you grow up on a freighter where everyone knows everyone else's business, and particularly with the sister I have, you'd keep it quiet, too. She's known around the junior officers as a bit of a gossip." The Bajoran doctor grinned back, then squeezed the counselor's hand. "I trust you have no issue with this?"

"Well, it's not unheard of that two senior officers can fall for each other on these long missions of exploration. I don't have a problem unless it becomes a distraction or puts the life's of this crew in danger. You're both officers aboard this ship first and partners second. Keep it in that order and you have my blessing." Zaar replied.

"Well, there we go." she squeezed Kaelyn's hand back affectionately. "WE have the captians blessing No more sneaking around and having to be discreet!" Rrelle said and then kissed her lover.

"Do you have anything to add about this, Commander?" Zaar said looking in the direction of his first officer.

Each and every one of Ral's lifetimes loved the news. Hell, Alaryc dated his XO for a time. With the Captain's blessing there was not much she could add. "I would simply say make sure that your relationship does not interfere with your duties. Lovers quarrels, and I hope you never have any, but should you have some they should stay checked at the door Senior Staff need to work together with little to no effort. Lieutenant Keliyn I particularly caution you as Chief Medical Officer. A doctor needs to remain detached when on duty."

"I know that very well, Commander. Thank you, both... We really appreciate it." She looked at the Catian counselor. "Don't we, sweetie?"

"Oh ues darling! Thank you both! That has taken a load off. Now we can just be ourselves and don't have to worry about hiding our feelings Keliyn. I feel much better. From now on, I don't care who knows!"

Daynah hoped that the crew would bond, and become closer. However, she never dreamed that love would strike. And yet here they were, Cupid did work in mysterious ways. She wondered if part of her thoughts were due to her own lack of a mate. "Well I hope nothing but the greatest and best for you both."

"Thank you, Commander..." Any further speech was cut off by the comm.

"Sickbay to Dr. Taviyn."

"Taviyn here--go ahead Pelagov."

"I've got those scan results you asked for, if you'd like to take a look... I think this is exactly what we're looking for."

The Bajoran smiled. "Call both of them in, if they're not on duty. I'll be there in a moment." She turned to the other three. "Duty calls, I'm afraid."

Rrelle sighed. "Such is our lives. She squeezed Kelyins hand lovingly and kissed her. "Let me know if we have lunch together darling."

"You're both dismissed." The Captain said looking at the Bajoran and Caitian.

"Thank you, Captain, and I will," the Bajoran said.

Rrelle followed her lover out as they both had work to do.

When the two lovebirds left Daynah turned toward the Captain. "Well it seems that the pairings have begun. May they work out and not cause the crew to implode." She said with a smile.

"It was only a matter of time, really. Long missions like that will have people fall in love. But I do agree, I hope this doesn't blow up in our faces."

"Its the Doc that I am going to keep the closest eye on. If something were to happen to Lieutenant Rrelle would she be able to maintain a professional detachment is the big question." Daynah said to the Captain. Ral knew full well that was nearly impossible as a memory from one of her past lives sprang forth.

Zaar nodded his agreement, "I agree. Keep an eye on them."


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