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Mission Briefing

Posted on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 7:11am by Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Alec MacBain & Lieutenant Erwin Warner & Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Lieutenant Rrelle & Lieutenant JG Naomi Blackman & Lieutenant JG Chiara & Lieutenant JG Taviyn Keliyn

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: MD 03 - 0900

Captain Zaar was pleased to have his senior officers sitting down together to discuss what sector JK-302 held for them. It seemed like an eternity since they'd talked about anything as exciting as the possibilities that JK-302 held. He waited for his officers to begin filing in.

Chief Counselor Rrelle came in. :Good Morning Captain." She said and headed over to the replicator. "Rrelle 1 please." within a second it had produced her cup of Hot Chocolate. many species liked coffee but for her , it has always been hot chocolate. She took a sip. "mmm good." She took her seat. Of course she always sat next to the CMO. She likes Senior Staff meetings a lot. They had a great Senior staff and the meetings were almost always very productive.

Normally Aurora liked to only have one of her show up at a meeting, but those meetings were ones she was running. When the Captain called one it was prudent to have all three pairs of hands on deck to show she was giving him her undivided attention. All of her filed in, with green and violent carrying collapsible stools. As they sat in the corner gray nodded to Rrelle and the captain and headed to the replicator.

"Three hot chocolates," she said, hesitated, then added, "One of them with tiny marshmallows." she carefully carried the three mugs to the others, with violet-her inner child-grabbing the one with the little white floating treats.

Kaeliyn walked in, a pair of PADDs under one arm. Smiling slightly at the Catian counselor, she nodded to the others. "Morning, Captain... I'm sensing actual excitement--what have you got for us, I wonder?"

Looking askance at the engineer, Kaeliyn addressed herself to the three of them. "Marshmallows, in the chocolate... Do I have to remind you of what happened at that Terran Christmas party we had?"

Violet did not pause in slurping up a tasty marshmallow as green replied with a wry smile, "I remember smelling marshmallows for a week. As long as no one tells any funny jokes while I am sipping I think I will be fine, doctor."

The Bajoran gave the engineer a look, then let it go.

Daynah walked in and smiled softly at everyone present. She set her mug of trademark rachtijino in front of her seat to the Captain's right. "Good Morning Cap!"

Alec came in with a cup of coffee in hand. He preferred his own, his coffee was always good and strong. Some would call it mud. “Good Morning, Captain.” He said with a smile and looked at the others nodding as he took a seat.

"Good morning, please get yourselves a drink if you don't already have one and then find a seat." Zaar said with an enthusiastic tone.

Smiling at the Andorian, the Bajoran headed for the replicator. "Risian coffee, with a quarter-measure of kava, please." The replicator hummed, producing the dark beverage with faint golden highlights. Walking over to Rrelle, Kaeliyn sat. "Much better", she said, sipping at the coffee, "And much better being here with you", she said to the counselor in a low voice that wouldn't carry far.

In a equally low voice .Relle said "You too my dear!" Her tail flicked back in forth. The Doctor did it for her in a big way.

Kaeliyn gave the Catian a little smile and wink. "Next day off when we have it together, clear your schedule."

"Mmmrrr, consider it cleared." She said with a sexy smile

Romance, Aurora thought wryly as violet hid her expression behind her cup and gray spent the time before the meeting going through her head regarding the unofficial personnel report her chiefs had presented her. A few of her people had been getting restless and she was now wondering if perhaps other departments were feeling the same. Maybe people needed a distraction of some sort. Problem was, she was not sure what sort of distraction she could provide.

Alec listened as they spoke amongst themselves. He was content to enjoy his coffee and wait for the meeting to start, once everyone arrived.

Naomi had a big grin on her face, as her new red uniform had a litte extra weight on it. She proudly wore the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. She could feel the gravity of responsibility that came with the rank, and she was eager and willing to take it on. She walke into the conference room with a cup of coffee already in her hand. She made a straight line for the table, which seemed so massive and impressive, she had finally made it to the big times.

Erwin walked into the room, holding a PADD, and walked over to an empty seat. "Morning." He said as he sat down, setting his padd on the table, then looked at around the room.

TAG last arrivals

"Ok, thank you all for coming." Zaar said looking around at the gathered officers. "First order of business, someone of you may or may not know but yesterday Naomi Blackman received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was made Chief Helm Officer aboard Ticonderoga. Please give our newest addition to the senior staff a warm welcome." The Captain said looking at the newly minted Lieutenant and smiling.

"Congratulations!" Kaeliyn was genuinely happy for the helmswoman--she felt the new lieutenant's contributions to the ship had been undervalued, and that said promotion was well-deserved.

Alec looked over at Naomi and smiled sincerely. “You deserved it.” He said quietly. “Congratulations and welcome to the table.”

"Oh Naomi! That is wonderful news! You definitely deserrrve it!" Rrelle smiled at Naomi. A good woman and a fine officer, She would be a wonderful chief helmsman. This was wonderful news!

Naomi felt proud, and honored. But a little bashful. It was very nice of them to say congratulations. However she was there for the meeting. She was curious what her first mission was going to be as a department head for flight operations.

Aurora had been wondering what Blackman had been doing at the table but from where all of her were sitting she had missed the new pip on her collar. Smiling, Green gave the young woman a nod in acknowledgement.

"Right, let's get down to business." Zaar said as he leaned forward and rested his arms on the table. "As you're all aware, Sector JK-301 has been, well, dull and boring. It's pretty much a dead sector of space with nothing of real value. It's been a very difficult last few weeks and I know morale has hit a low. However, we have some good news as we're heading into sector JK-302."

Three pairs of eyebrows rose in mild surprise. All three leaned forward with a growing sense of anticipation...

Rrelle perked up her ears. "Rrr, well that sound nice. Do we have any idea what awaits us Captain?" She asked.

"Commander Ral and Lieutenant Chiara have been running initial scans and believe there could be things of interest in this sector of space." The Captain explained as he looked at both science officers.

Alec felt interest perk up in him that he hadn’t felt in a while. “What kind of interest?” He asked. It wasn’t like he was the only one that wanted to know.

Daynah took that as a cue from the Captain to speak up and she smiled a warm and inviting smile. One that lit up her face. "Due to the make up and nature of the sector there is a high probability that a great number of planets are inhabited. That means the possibility of first contact, and if that doesn't get your Starfleet juices flowing I am not sure what will." She laughed at her own tongue in cheek humor.

"We haven't found signs of life yet," Chiara tossed in the information she had. "We've found markers that indicate class M planets in this sector. We're sending out probes to gather more information."

"Class M planet is a good sign, maybe they will have vegetation or minerals we can look at exploring on the planet surface." Naomi suggested, knowing that the sensors would have to give the crew of the Ticonderoga a reason to beam down.

"A Class M planet with no intelligent life would make this planet a future colony or Federation outpost here an excellent prospect. There will be lots to do do every department will need to ready for some hard work." The Captain explained. "However, if things check out as ok down on the planet I'm willing to grant everyone some well deserved R&R down there too."

"Well that would certainly improve crew morale, Captain." Rrelle said. "In fact i'd say it is just what the crew needs."

"Shore leave does sound nice," Aurora green murmured. Frowning, she added, "But I would not think about colonization just yet. The Bajorans colonized worlds on the opposite side of their wormhole a bit too soon and the Dominion took that as an act of aggression and wiped them all out."

She glanced at the science officers, "Have there been any signs of all of an space faring race here? Any trace of refined metals? Ancient radio transmissions? A frozen drumstick floating through the void?"

Kaeliyn winced. "Too true, I'm afraid... Sorry, I had a pair of cousins who were lost in that attack. I'm just glad we haven't run into the Jem'Hadar out here."

"More to the point," the Bajoran continued, "All this hinges on whether or not we find a Class-M environment. I don't want to doubt the sensors, but a good scientist is always a little skeptical till the data comes back positive or negative. What do the markers say about probability percentages?"

Aurora violet visibly winced. Thinking back the engineer thought her matter-of-fact statements about the Bajorans could have been misconstrued as being, well, cold. Critical. She was just glad Kaeliyn didn't seem to take it personally. Deciding she had said enough to put feet in all her mouths she decided to keep quiet for the moment and let the scientists take the lead. It was their show, after all.

"I'm not willing to give percentages until there's data from the probes. The markers for M-Class worlds don't even guarantee that there's an M-Class planet to be found. I'd hate to create a false sense of hope without data to back it up," Chiara answered. She hoped there was another purpose to this meeting because the full extent of her report had come to the end. It would have been better to have launched the probes first, she thought. "What we do know is that there are planets in several systems that are within the Goldilocks zone. I'm not committing to anything else."

"Exactly what I was wanting confirmation of," replied the doctor with a little smile towards the Lieutenant.

"Well, until we are sure, I would hold off mentioning it to the crew! If ti doesn't work out that there are m-class planets, the disappointment could really sink crew morale."Rrelle said.

"I don't know." Zaar replied as he leaned back into his chair. "I think there is plenty of potential in this sector to get the crew buzzing. Surely some focus and excitement would pick the crews spirits up?" He asked the Counselor.

"Well I understand your point Captain. It sounds like there is a good possibility of Class M worlds. I just worry about the disappointment if they are not any class m. However, it sounds like the odds are in favor. So perhaps we can tell them." Rrelle said.

"Maybe," Aurora violet murmured aloud from her stool in the back, "We could make things...interesting? What if...we had a pool? A betting pool?"

She rose as she warmed to the idea, "We let the crew choose options in regards to what we find. Primitive civilization, steam era, diesel era, something like that."

"Or other, wilder ideas," Gray suggested from her stool, "A lost hyper civilization, wormhole, sentient moon..."

Green piped up, "But we need a prize for play for! More holodeck time, maybe? What else could the crew win?"

"What about the Captain does one of your duty shifts while you have the time off?" Zaar offered with a smirk. "I'm sure that would encourage the crew to play along."

Alec listened to them talk and grinned. “This would certainly boost morale.”

"Oh K'tal's claws! If they could get the Captain to take a duty shift for them, well I envision a long line of people who would like that! Of course extra holodeck privileges are always nice as well/" Rrelle said.

Daynah frowned briefly, she could help but think the crew and the captain were getting ahead of themselves. "Before we start planning our leave. We not only have to confirm the Class M status, but we have to confirm that the planets are uninhabited or that the Prime Directive does not apply. Going off too quick here could spell disaster." She cautioned everyone present.

While gray and green's expressions remained polite, violet almost scowled at the sound of the term "prime directive".

"I agree with the commander... I can recall a number of recent incidents where the Prime Directive was accidentally violated, sometimes with humorous results, sometimes with not," the CMO opined.

"Of course, I don't want everyone to pin their hopes on this but at the same time it's been a rough couple of weeks I'd like to turn this into something positive at least." The Captain commented.

Aurora was prepared to say something acerbic, but the Captain's statement brought her up short. Getting into an argument regarding the merits...or lack thereof...of the Prime Directive was not going to do much good. Instead green smiled and said, "Well, if no one objects I will get started on the pool. I happen to have a spare Aurora on hand to help me. If anyone can think of any suggestions for the squares let me know. Captain taking over someone's shift for a day would be first prize, we will need to come up with some runner up awards."

"Extra holodeck privileges?" The Andorian suggested.

“I like the idea of extra privileges.” Alec said with a smile. “I mean if we find a Class M then we definitely follow all the rules and regulations. This is only to keep the crew upbeat and I believe that is important.”

"I agree." Zaar said looking at his Chief of Operations and giving him a smile and nod.

"I would not mind some shore leave on the planet, maybe fly down in a shuttle if we find some vegetation." Naomi suggested, with a glimmer of hope in her tone. She had a big grin on her face.

"I've got some plants I know the people in Botany would love to get their hands on. If they win the pool..." Kaeliyn left the rest unsaid.

Daynah always thought that the internal monologue of a joined Trill should be something people could hear. If they could hear the argumemt in her head right now they would explode with laughter. Ral sent the memories of Alaryc to the forefront which showed what could happen if a crew gets ahead of themselves in these situations, and ahead of the Prime Directive. To which Daynah politely told Ral to shut up. She knew the crew needed to get their spirits up. She smiled softly and turned toward Aurora. "You go ahead and get that pool together. In fact put me down for two uninhabited class M planets."

"Ok, I'd like to move to our final topic for today's briefing." The Andorian said in a jovial tone. "In keeping with the previous discussion, I approached Lieutenant Rrelle about trying to lift the crews spirits after these rough few weeks. I know there could be good news on the horizon but we aren't there yet.

"The Lieutenant came up with an idea of staging our own little Olympics on the holodeck. Trying to get all the crew involved somehow, whether it be competing, or providing food or drink, or making decorations, that sort of thing. I think it would be a good and welcomed distraction but I'd like to get some input from everyone here too."

'Yess. Most people like to compete and I felt like this would be something to bring everyone together. If everyone participates then it will be something that everybody can get behind so to speak. So the trick is that some species have natural abilities that give them advantages. Caitians, for example. We are very agile and that gives us an edge in things like Gymnastics. Now we should discuss things like that. We want it to be balanced so it's fair."

"Hmmm," Aurora green murmured as violet and gray began accessing information on their padds, "Perhaps hold a ship wide poll to see what sports would be most desired. I can think of a few that would be easiest to stage, such as table tennis, volleyball anbo jutsu fencing, raquetball. We could hold competitive shooting but to make it interesting," she glanced Warner's way and smiled, "instead of using phasers we could be using more primitive firearms to even the playing field for those outside of Security. Air guns, for example. Or bows and arrows."

There was not much that Daynah liked about this idea. She felt that it if the crew wanted to take refuge in a distraction of sports competition then they could. But there was no need to organize a ship wide event. However, she was the XO and could not shoot something that could boost morale down, especially if the Captain liked the idea. She decided that she would not compete unless ordered. Daynah said nothing but listened and and acknowledged all that was said.

“I think it is an excellent idea.” Alex spoke up. “I will encourage my staff to participate and will do the same.” He felt like he couldn’t ask them to do something he wouldn’t. “It might make them even more inclined if they think they can beat their department head.”

"I used to do archery at the Academy," Chiara chimed in, "And I was on the swim team. I haven't done any of those to a competitive level since then, but I'm sure I could do so with a little bit of practice."

"I did wrestle at the academy, I suppose I could give it ago." Zaar commented. "Yes, a ship wide poll is an excellent idea. Let people choose what sports would interest them."

"I'm putting down my vote for the good old-fashioned marathon. I won the Academy Marathon my junior year," was Kaeliyn's input.

"Well it's not as popular on Earth as it once was," Aurora gray noted from the table, "But I have taken a liking to basketball. I would not object to a little three on three. Of course..."

Violet tossed her padd at the back of gray's head. Without turning gray caught the padd in mid air.

"...I might have a slight advantage..."

“We all have something we are good at.” Alec said, looking around. “I’m as quite the volleyball player when I was younger.”

"I for one would love to see beach Volleyball included. As for basketball, I have reservations about the 3 on 3 with all of you playing Aurora. It just seems a bit of an unfair advantage. Captain, what do you think about it? Maybe 5 on 5 instead of 3 to even it out a little?"

"Five verses five would be better I suppose. As long as other teams want to join in. We'll have to see what the poll comes back with." The Captain commented.

"Indeed Captain. I am very excited about this! This is going to b greet!" Rrelle said, tail whipping back and forth with excitment.

Aurora smiled at the counselor's excitement and she had to admit she was also thinking this might be fun. Gray noted, "We might want to also consider other events as well that are non-traditional Olympic events, such as yamjot. Not everyone is overly physical. I think bowling is still popular with some people? Just something to consider."

"Not familiar with bowling but I agree we need to consider non traditional sports I think the poll will reveal what most people want but maybe pick a couple of the less popular ones as well to try to cover the most people. Just because a sport is popular doesn't mean everyone will like it!" Rrelle said.

"I've never heard of bowling either." The Captain commented. "The poll will definitely see what people want to do. Of course, we need to stress this is compulsory, this is just for fun."

Naomi was surprised too, what was bowling she wondered. Her first thoughts, something to do with the mess hall. And something to do with bowls from the mess hall. "what is bowling?" She asked, hoping someone would fill them in.

All three of Aurora's faces adopted expressions of disbelief. Gray sighed and placed palm to hand as violet rolled her eyes. Green grimaced, shook her head and said, "It is sad that my people might be the only ones who truly preserved the greater parts of Earth's culture. Bowling is a game of subtlety and skill, of strikes and spares."

She paused, all three of her glanced amongst themselves. Gray then reluctantly added, "It is also an excuse to drink copious amounts of beer," she glanced about the room, "If bowling is included the consumption of beer must be included in the event! It will not truly be bowling unless there is at least a mild buzz experienced by all who participate."

If anyone doubted Aurora was having a laugh one only needed to see violet trying to hide a smile behind her hand.

"Not too much alcohol. I still need a functional crew for the ship afterwards." Zaar smiled.

"We may have to settle for synthehol served on brown bottles," gray noted with an answering smile, her mind already on the logo design for the bowling shirts...

“I met my first girlfriend bowling.” Alec grinned. “It can be a quite entertaining sport.”

"Alright, I think we've said enough for today and there's more than enough for everyone to be doing something. So unless there's anything else to be said, you're all dismissed?"

All three Auroras gave a nod and then stood. Already her mind was on the pool, the Olympics and that level three diagnostic she wanted to run...

Daynah would have been lying if she said she was not happy to get out of there. She was even happier that the Captain had not asked her to participate in these Olympic games. At the sound of the dismissal she went back out to the bridge and assumed Command. She wanted to be present when the began those new scans. The prospect of First Contact had her blood moving.

"Yes Captain, dr Taviyn and I need to speak with you regarding a personal matter, please." Rrelle said.

"Very well. I'd like Commander Ral to stay as well." The Captain said give his first officer a nod.

Alec stood, preparing to leave. There was a certain someone he was hoping to speak with once they left the room. “I’ll get right on it, Sir.”

Daynah was about to get through the door when she heard the Captain's comments so she stepped back toward the Conference Room table. She wasn't sure what this was about but if the Captain needed her she would be happy to oblige. Daynah took a seat next to the Captain as she awaited to see what this was about.


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