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Family Matters pt. 2

Posted on Thu Aug 5th, 2021 @ 3:30am by Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Lieutenant Rrelle

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist

Aurora's conversation with the Captain had prompted her on a course of action, but as sure as she felt in some ways, in others she thought perhaps it was prudent to ask for someone else's advice.

She was not overly fond of counselors; for years since her captivity they had made assessments regarding her emotional state, almost to the point of annoyance. Yes, she knew she was still mildly xenophobic. Yes, she had some measure of distrust of those of the medical and security profession. And...

Hmmm. All three of her paused in mid stride. Perhaps Starfleet was prudent in insuring regular counseling sessions at that.

She reached the counselor's office and after a moment's hesitation she thought perhaps it would be prudent to send two of her away. Then again all three of her were here, so...she touched the door chime...

"Come in." Rrelle said. She wasn't expecting anybody but then again, that was part of the job. If someone needed her, she was here to help.

Aurora hesitated, then all three of her entered the counselor's office. as violet and gray turned their attention to her surroundings green said, "Ah...hello. I am Aurora, the Chief Engineering Officer. You are the ship's counselor, correct? I mean...I know you are just seemed polite to ask and..."

Violet audibly sighed and placed her face in both palms. Green grimaced and said, "Sorry, I'm not very good at discussing things like feelings. All of this is making me feel very uncomfortable but I think it's important."

Rrelle was a bit surprised. She wasn't expecting 3 of them. Triplets she figured. "Ah yes, I am Lt Rrelle, chief counselor. How can I help you 3?" This ought to be interesting.

Aurora wished there was more room in the office, but she had learned a long time ago to accept that there were many rooms where-when all of her was present-she might feel a touch claustrophobic. She wondered how much the counselor knew about her, then realized it was hubris for the woman to know anything. She began via green, "I have a rather...complicated history, which I will not go into here and now. My homeworld is isolationist, almost xenophobically so. No one leaves. Except me. And now someone else. A girl, about thirteen. A...relative. We have never met but I can only assume she has come all this way to see me for some reason. The captain has agreed to allow her on board so I can meet her but I feel my judgement might be...compromised..."

"Ok, so how does this involve all 3 of you and what makes you think your judgement might be compromised?" Definitely she as missing some thing. She kept referring to herself but didn't mention the other 2. Yes, there was something she didn't know. Rrelle's councilor training and experience said there was a big gap here. What exactly was she missing?

Ah. She definitely did not know anything about her. Gray said, "There isn't three of us, just one of me, counselor. Three brains, one consciousness. I am the last living part of a failed science experiment conducted by my people, and I would have been disposed of if a Starfleet captain had not granted me asylum. My society is comprised of clones; each one of us has a specific function in life. This young woman is destined to be a stellar cartographer, an astronomer, astrophysicist, science teacher. That is what Auroras do. By her age they would be determining exactly where she fits."

"Mmrrr, I see. Very unusual. Ok so this woman wants to come on board the Ticonderoga. I gather you have mixed feelings about it? why?" Wow! Join Starfleet and see the universe. This certainly was an unusual case. 3 bodies, one consciousness. How is that even possible, she didn't know but she would do what she could to help.

"Among my people clones from the same line are considered like a family, a clan. And up until now mine has pretended I do not exist. As far as I know only a handful know I do exist, so I do not know how this young woman is aware of me. What does she want from me?"

All three turned inward towards one another, green murmured, "I...just feel my judgement is compromised here. I suppose I was hoping you could act as some sort of...intermediary?"

"Well, it sounds like a perfectly normal reaction. You are worried that this young woman won't like you. You don't know why she wants to meet you and you arc worried it might not be for a good reason. Let me ask you this, what if it's for a good reason? You really don't know until you meet her, do you? This might meet her, do you? I have found that when people worry about things like this, most times it isn't as bad as they think it will be.. How would you have me act as an intermediary?" Honestly, she wasn't really different than most people. At this point it seemed she needed to confront her fears and for relle acting as a go between, well that might hurt more than help.

"...What?" all three Auroras echoed as they turned to the counselor.



"Me?" green gray and violent spoke one after the other. Then the three grimaced. "Sorry," green said, "I...used to do that all the time. I know it can be disconcerting. I...Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm afraid she won't like me. That she'll see me as some sort of freak."

Green nodded and gray continued, "I...thank you. I think you might be right and that is largely what worries me. I am of course curious as to what she wants. If you don't mind I would like someone else there when she comes on board. Someone objective. I have three pairs of eyes but it's obvious I'm blind when it comes to her and me."

"Excellent. Now if you want someone there who is impartial, I can certainly make myself Available for that. I'd be happy to." This was good. Being an impartial witness was different than being an intermediary. However she would have to watch it so Aurora would try to use her as a go between. She needed to watch and listen for the most part

Smiles crossed all three of Aurora's faces. gray said, "In that case I should inform Starfleet Security to approach her and get her here as soon as possible."

"I wonder what her number is." violet murmured.

"Or her creche," green noted.

Violet: "I wonder if I should do something about my hair.

Green: "No, that is silly; this isn't a date...but should I wear my uniform or dress cas-"

"Sorry," gray said with a deep breath, "My thoughts sometimes get away from me. Counselor, I truly appreciate this."

"Not a problem. It happens to a lot of people. Something like this is a bit disconcerting. Just take a deep breathe and relax. Let me know where and when and I'll meet you there so you can meet this young lady." The councilor said.

"Yes. Deep breaths," gray replied, "Of course. Thank you, counselor," the three of her smiled, "I will see you again soon. Thanks again!"

As Aurora quickly departed the counselor's quarters she thought again about the girl and what she wanted. What she represented. What she had not told the counselor was there was another reason why she had wanted her to be there when the visitor arrived.

If the counselor or captain were not there...Aurora was not certain she would have had the courage to meet her...


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