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Fungus, Growing In A Lab

Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 1:14pm by Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant JG Taviyn Keliyn

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Location: USS Ticonderoga, Science Labs/Sickbay
Timeline: MD03 1030 hrs

Daynah had reviewed a listing of experiments going on throughout the ship. She wanted to make sure that the people who performed the experiments did not need and resources from the Science Department. She decided that the best place to start would be with Dr Taviyn in Sick Bay. She walked into Sick Bay with her normal cheerful smile and disposition. "Morning Doc how is every little thing?"

"Things are fine--nothing much to report. However, its good you're here. I could use your advice--I'm growing Tenebian mushrooms to help Ensign Virsh with a nasty skin condition. Something happened to him on his first away mission, and he's now allergic to standard treatments. Anyway, the mushrooms don't seem to be growing like they should--I've tried everything I know, but I'm no fungus expert. Not like Dr. Stamitz or somebody more recent."

"Well what have you tried? I presume you tried a cool, damp, dark place. That usually works, at least it worked for Eliza. Could also attempt replicating technology..." Daynah began to work the problem her hand on her chin. A good scientific mystery never failed to peak her curiosity.

"I've got them growing in an appropriately cool and damp environment, but they're not as large as I thought they should be. I've got the computer crunching data... Maybe its the soil composition? I thought the replicator could get me the soil I needed, but maybe what I need is actual, natural soil? What do you think?"

"Natural anything is better than the replicated stuff. The question is how are we going to talk the Captain into making a pit stop for some mushrooms." Daynah said with a chuckle. "It could also be that there is something amiss with the spores themselves. Perhaps they are ill in some sort of way and that is why they are not colonizing." She went on to say.

"Well, I don't see handy wooden asteroids around here, do you?" The Bajoran looked out the nearest transparent aluminum viewport seriously, then chuckled. "Would you like to help, or do you maybe think its time I take a break and we go get some coffee or something?"

"You know there is a line from an old movie that says Both is good... So lets go get some coffee and then we can come back to it with fresh eyes, and I would love to help." Daynah said with a soft smile as she pointed toward the door. "What do ya say?"

"After you, Commander."

Soon, the pair of women were ensconced at a table, steaming coffee mugs before them. "So, how are things on the bridge?" asked Kaeliyn, conversationally.

"The ship settles well..."Daynah began. "That is to say that the crew is getting to know each other and the Ticonderoga. I am sure we will be working like a well oiled machine in no time. One of my previous hosts Alaryc Ral was a Starfleet Captain. He always thought that you really got to know a ship when it was in dock and the crew was asleep. There is something both breathtaking and mysterious about sitting on the Bridge at that time. I do recommend it. How about you? How is Sick Bay settling?"

Kaeliyn chuckled. "I'd hope we'd know each other well, after two years in space... Nothing much--couple Ensigns are undergoing fertility treatments. I don't know how Phlox of the NX-01 made humans and Vulcans genetically compatible--its hard enough in this century." She took a sip of coffee. "Oh, good--they got the coffee tasting right. Replicators weren't making this blend the right way for a week."

"You my friend have to drink the real stuff... None of this replicated swill. I learned how to make a cup of coffee from none other than the great Captain Janeway. Of course she was a Lieutenant at that point, and I was a Captain and a different person..." Daynah laughed. "But it still counts. Next time I will bring my press and make you some. I am growing my own beans in the arboretum."

"That sounds wonderful--I actually agree that coffee is better fresh, but I didn't know anyone was growing beans around here. My mother always had some growing--or at least, a Bajoran varietl that's similar to the Terran stuff."

"Well now you do..." Daynah said with a smile. "Now lets go get that cup and then we can approach this with fresh minds and a caffeinated blood stream."

"Usually helps... I wonder if it could be the humidity?"

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