USS Ticonderoga

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Crew Worries

Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 1:43am by Lieutenant Rrelle & Lieutenant JG Taviyn Keliyn

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Location: USS Ticonderoga, Counselor's Office

Kaeliyn signaled the Counselor from outside her office, shoulders set. She was worried--not only for herself, but for the crew as a whole. She was hoping the Caitian would have some ideas.

"Come iiin!" she says. She is always happy to have new patients as it were.

The Bajoran entered. "How are you, Counselor? I hope I'm not bothering you?"

"My dear Keliyn, you are never a bother. Do come in. May I get you something to drink?" Her tail flicked back and forth. Tavin Keliyn was a beautiful woman and Rrelle had noticed. Rrelle's eyes shone bright ad the doctors appearance.

Kaeliyn smiled back. "You're in rare form today... I've got a surprise for you after we talk." She sat. "So, anything I need to be worried about with your patients?"

"Well I'm glad you are here doctor. I seem to have developed a strange condition. Every time I see you my pulse begins to race." She says as she stands up and puts her arms around the doctor's waist. "Now why would that be?" She said with an impish grin, knowing full well the cause of it. "Ohh you said a surprise huh? Ohh I love surprises." she released eh grip on the doctor. "Well as for my patients, well physically nothing major. However morale is at a very low point. The captain has already come to see me about it and we discussed it. It is a tough problem to be sure. One size does not fit all especially in this case."

Kaeliyn smiled at the other woman. "Silly you... My heart's racing, too, but its nothing to worry about..." She sat in a chair. "The crew, though--that's what I came to talk to you about. Any suggestions for improving morale?" A frown marred her face for a moment. "Also, advice about my sister would be helpful--she's on my case again."

"Well as for the crew I suggested a massive competition. Perhaps like the Olympics of old. Something for everybody. Not everyone may want to participate in the actual event but we need people to plan it. It won't be easy as we are a multi species crew and some species can do some thongs naturally easier than others so might have an unfair advantage against other species. That is just one of the things the planners will have to sort out. I propose that everyone has to play a part some how.
My second idea is to recognize some of the crew who while they don't stand out, they do a good job everyday. They put their best foot forward.They don't stand out because compared to some others well they get lost in the crowd. However I think the department heads should recommend somebody for some recognition. Not everybody can be the best at what they do compared to others but if they try hared everyday and make the best effort they can then they deserve to be recognized as well."

"So that said, what's going on with your sister this time?" . Sibling rivalry. A tale as old as time ti seemed. She was lucky. She and her sister got along pretty good.

"I like both suggestions--I certainly can think of at least two or three people who deserve recognition in Medical... As for Amanda, I'm surprised she hasn't come to you about it. She wants children, but she keeps wavering on whether or not to marry before that or not, and if she goes ahead with marriage, she wants our mother there... I told her that's not likely, both because of where we are, and because of the fact freighters have a schedule to keep, even now... She's not listening to me... On a more practical level, you'd think she'd at least have someone in mind for getting married to, but as usual, she's thinking thirty steps ahead when she should be thinking maybe two at the most..."

Kaeliyn broke off.

"I've tried talking to her, but we just keep rehashing the same things over and over again."

"K'tal's claws! That girl! I love your sister but sometimes. Anyway, Kaeliyn, you talking to her won't do any good. Have her come and talk to me. I'll see if I can get to the bottom of this and find a solution

"Thanks... You sure us dating won't be a conflict of interest here, or make things awkward with Amanda? Admittedly, we have been reasonably discrete about things."

"Yes we have been rather discreet but I really like where things are going with us darling!. I believe I can be impartial. I will have to listen to Amanda's side of it and see what conclusions I can reach with her. I am trying very hard not to come to any preconceptions. I think I can help. Amanda has her own reasons for feeling this way and I have to exp;ore those. I think Amanda knows I want to help her. So anyway, have her see me and she and I will talk. " She murred, "Now you mentioned a surprise?" She smiled, her eyes twinkling with anticipation, her tail twitching with the same anticipation.

"I like where we're going, too, my dear... Okay--here we go." The Bajoran stood, then walked over to the replicator. "Computer, initiate program Kaeliyn-Two-One-Alpha."

The replicator hummed, producing two bowls. Kaeliyn handed one to the Catian. "Its a human delecacy called chocolate. I made sure it was safe for both of us, since I don't know if you've had it before. I like it on rare occasions, and I thought this qualified--impromptu date, mmm?"

"Ohh I like the way you think!" rrelle says as she eats the chocolate. "Well I am quite familiar with Chocolate my darling. I have a cup of hot chocolate everyday. However the fact that you didn't know that and picked it anyway shows you have great girlfriend instincts." She sets the bowl down and goes up to Kaeliyn and puts he arms around the other woman neck and kisses her and then nuzzles her neck. "Mmm. I love the way you smell and taste!" she whispered in her lover's ear. "I like holding you like this!"

The Bajoran kissed her back, then ran a hand through the other woman's head-fur "Me, too... I've missed this... Do you think we should go public, screw the sneaking around? I mean, we're both senior officers, and even though you're technically under my department, we're basically co-equal here."

"MMmrrr. yes, I think we should. I don't like sneaking around. Let's just come out and let the world know about us! You're right. We are basically equals here so I do not think there is a conflict. I love you and you love me. That's all I care about!" She loved holding Kaeliyn close. It felt so right with her.

"Sounds like a plan... Still, I am planning a little something special--maybe after that we go public? Won't say more here."

"Oh you know how to treat me no doubt about it!" She said with a smile. "I know it will be a wonderful surprise! They always are darling!"

"I know--that last one you gave me..." She grinned, eyes glazing over for a moment. "Anyway, I need to get going--these Tenebian mushrooms are giving me fits... Sorry to cut things short."

Rrelle murred. "Mmmrr, I understand. You go get yourself fixed up. Doctor heal thyself. Maybe dinner tonight?" She said to her girlfriend.

"You got it... 19:00, your place?"

"Puurfect! Until tonight my dearest!" She kissed her beloved as they said goodbye for now

Smiling and giggling a little, the doctor exited her girlfriend's domain. Yvshrvoh, a K'Tarian refugee and one of the nurses on this shift, gave Kaeliyn a look. "Nothing to see here."

"Yeah, right, and I'm a Romulan... Don't worry--the lower decks know how to keep a secret."


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