USS Ticonderoga

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Crew Morale

Posted on Sun Aug 1st, 2021 @ 11:31pm by Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir & Lieutenant Rrelle

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Location: Counselor's Office
Timeline: MD01 - 1400 Hours

Captain Zaar was well aware of the low mood across the ship. Sector JK-301 had been a low point in their mission of exploration since leaving Spacedock two years earlier. With a better out look for Sector JK-302, the Andorian commanding officer wanted to get spirits back up and get motivation going again. To do this he would need the help of the ships counselor. He knocked on the counselor officer door and waited for permission to enter.

"Come in!" Rrelle said as her tail swished back and forth. She sipped her hot chocolate as she waited for the door to open and admit whoever it was.

Zaar stepped into the Counselor's office. "Sorry to intrude, but I was wondering if you had a moment to talk?"

"Of course Captain. I have plenty of time. Please have a seat. May I get you something to drink?" She asked cordially. Most people seemed to like it when she offered at least.

"I'm fine, thank you. I don't want to take up to much of your time as I know you're probably busy." The Captain said as he took a seat.

"Busy? yes lately I have been much busier than usual. I suspect that is why you are here. Crew morale seems to be at an all time low and you want my help fixing it. Am I correct?"

The Andorian nodded, "The mission seems to have gone quiet over the past few weeks while to explored sector JK-301, which seems to be devoid of anything remotely interesting, hence the crews down turn in morale. However, JK-302 seems to have a lot more interesting features which should bring us back up with motivation but I was wondering if there was a way to try and keep things up even when things go a little quiet on the exploring front."

"Well,. as a matter of fact, I do. Nothing like a mass spectacle to bring up morale. I am thinking an athletic competition like the Olympics. Something like that would have something for everybody. Now with a mixed species crew like well all of Starfleet, we need to plan it so those species with a natural advantage in some events are either handicapped or put in a separate category. Now that would be a great challenge for those planning it. I further prose that noone be left out. All must participate in some way even if it is behind the sences in planing or perhaps judging the events.
I also have a separate proposal which I think should be ongoing. The ones that stand out above all others get lots of recognition, but what about the ones who come to work everyday and put their best foot forward but don' stand out above the rest. The ones who are consistent and do a good job everyday. I think the department heads should recommend at least on or two for special recognition as they are the one backbone of Starfleet!"

Zaar nodded again, "I like the idea but that isn't for everyone. I understand we won't be able to do something that ticks everyone's boxes but at the same time I'd like to get as many people involved as I can.

"Also, recognising the crew is a good idea and something I would very much encourage. Perhaps bring that up at the next staff briefing, we could get the department heads working on that."

"I certainly will Captain. As for it not being for everyone, yes, that is true. That's why I propose we offer different positions for every one. Some can plan, and I'm sure we can come up with. Of course we can also do cultural exchange night. I have heard of that on other ships, Perhaps once a week, a different culture or cultural representative as it were, shares things from their culture. Food, drink, entertainment, That is a possibility."

Zaar considered the Caitian's suggestion. "That would get a lot of the crew involved. I think it's a good idea. What would you need to get this off the ground?"

"Well notify the crew and we would need to set up a time and date for each one and a place. Perhaps the holodeck. I don't know how many would attend. I hope a lot of people. Now we would need everybody who is interested to sign up for a slot. They would be responsible for their presentation of course but I think it has great potential. We can learn about other peoples culture from them! I'm a little excited!"

The Andorian Captain smiled, "I think this is a great team building exercise. I'm thinking, maybe a week's time for this? Gives people a chance to think about it and get involved?"

"Well Captain, give me a couple of weeks and I will be happy to start off. After that, well hopefully it will start the ball rolling as it were and others will sign up. This could be the start of something really great I think!" Rrelle said. Her tail twitched as she was very excited about it.

"Alright, let's go with that." Zaar said as he stood up. "I won't take up any more of your precious time, Counselor. Thank you for your input."

"You are welcome Captain! After all, that's my job!" She felt good. This was a great idea and definitely would get things rolling and pick up Morale.

"Have a good day." Zaar replied before leaving the counselor's office.

"You as well Captain." She said as then he left. Indeed it was looking to be a very good day.


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