USS Ticonderoga

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Some Good News!

Posted on Thu Aug 12th, 2021 @ 12:31pm by Commander Daynah Ral & Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir & Lieutenant JG Chiara
Edited on on Thu Aug 12th, 2021 @ 1:13pm

Mission: Mission 1: An Unexpected Twist
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD01 - 1000 Hours

Daynah had finished looking over the preliminary scans of JK-302 last night. To say she was excited would be an understatement after the boredom that was 301. She called a briefing of sorts so she could update the Captain on her findings. A class M planet in and of itself was exciting. However, one with the readings that she was seeing was something else. She took a quick sip of her recktijino and rang the chime of the Ready Room.

"Come on in." Zaar said as he placed the PADD he was reading down.

"Morning sir..." Daynah began with a soft smile. "...I thought perhaps I can bring you up to speed on JK-302. I have asked Lieutenant Chiara to come as well. There is a lot of information to cover. She should be here shortly."

Chiara watched the turbolift display as she slowly crawled up the few decks to the command center. Stairs would have been quicker at this point, she thought to herself. But, there were no stairs that directly led to the bridge and the Captain's ready room, so that would be more navigating for her. The deck numbers were increasing as she watched the display and she tapped the controls in protest. Now, she was headed in the wrong direction when she had been one deck away moments before. She sighed and stepped to the back of the lift as the doors opened and let on two yellow uniformed officers.

She silently cursed at the engineers. The lift let them off one deck below and then forgot that she was on it. "Bridge," she repeated her destination. She couldn't remember what she did to create the problem with the engineers, but she couldn't help but feel like the entire engineering department had it out for her, making her life very difficult at times.

Eventually, she made it to the bridge and was admitted to the ready room. "Sorry I'm late," she said as a way of introduction, though didn't elaborate on her turbolift troubles as the cause.

"No rush, Lieutenant. Please take a seat." Zaar offered gesturing to the free seat next to the first officer. "Would you like a drink?"

"Oh, no, thank you though. I would never drink while on duty." Chiara answered.

"I was referring to a non alcoholic drink, Lieutenant." Zaar replied with a smile. "I don't tend to get my officers into bad habits."

Daynah smiled inwardly, to be a junior officer and summoned to the Ready Room was enough to make anyone want a drink. "Lieutenant I have asked you to assist in briefing on JK-302. So what do you have?" She smiled and sipped her rachtijino. Daynah thought it best to let the Lieutenant shine for the moment. She would lend a hand if needed.

"Oh..." Chiara closed her mouth as she considered the drink offer again. Truth be told, after the stress of the engineering turbolift problem, she did want to drink. But, she did have a job to do and she was able to instantly pull herself together. "Yes, JK-302. From this distance, we can see there are several star systems here. Most notably, in the first system, there is a class M planet in the Goldilocks zone which looks very interesting and worthy of a closer look. At this distance, we can't really tell anything more about it," she warned that her information was very limited at the moment.

Zaar's antenna leaned forward slightly with anticipation. "Are you saying that we might have something to explore in JK-302?" He asked, JK-301 had been a complete wash out and crew morale had taken a hit because it.

Daynah offered Chiara a glass of water with a smile. "Yes based on these scans it is distinctly possible that there are a great number of inhabited planets, chances to make first contact. Where 301 was boring 302 seems to be bustling with life and possibilities." She added with enthusiasm.

"Ah, good news! Excellent. Shall we send probes out to begin initial scans? See what we can find?" Zaar said, his tone upbeat and excited.

"Yes," Chiara answered and found herself staring at the movement of the captain's antennae as she spoke. She moved her attention back to his eyes. "Probes will give us much more detailed information than what the long-range sensors are capable of providing. Everything we have now is faint impressions. I'd hate to wager any bets on what we can find based on the sensors alone." She didn't work with Andorians often and wondered if watching their antennae was similar to watching the hands of someone using sign language - the wrong place to look.

"If we are going to launch probes I recommend using probes programmed for Prime Directive scenarios. We do not know what kind of technology the races in the area have. As such we do not want to be discovered by a pre warp civilization." Daynah was equally as excited as Chiara and the Captain however, she wanted to be safe about all of their upcoming discoveries.

"I agree. Last thing we need is to break general order one." Zaar said in agreement. "Get the probes prepped and launched. I want a preliminary mission briefing in two days, any questions?"

"No sir!" Daynah said with barely contained excitement. This mission had been long thus far and finally having something interesting to look into had really gotten her going.

"Excellent. Lieutenant Chiara?" The Andorian said looking expectedly at the science officer.

"I can't think of any at the moment, but I'll let you know, sir, if anything comes up." Chiara answered.

"Alright then, Commander Ral can you schedule a senior officers briefing for tomorrow. I want to give everyone the good news and something to focus on finally." The Andorian said looking at his Trill first officer.

"Aye sir! I am sure that the crew will be excited for the opportunity." Daynah said with a smile glad that they had a possible direction in this mission.

"Indeed it will, number one. Let's get to work." Zaar replied in an enthusiastic tone.


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