USS Ticonderoga

Status Report

Posted on Sat Jun 19th, 2021 @ 7:33pm by Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir

The Ticonderoga has just spent the last three weeks cataloguing sector JK-301. To say it's been a dull and boring three weeks is the biggest understatement I've made.

This sector of space is pretty much devoid of anything remotely interesting or alive. There was a hint of excitement when we tracked a comet for three days which Commander Ral informed me was a part of a stella fragment which went nova about 10,000 years ago.

There were 8 systems in this sector of space, most had gas giant planets, one of which had dilithium traces in its rings but upon further investigation we discovered that there wasn't any real value to it.

We did discover a class L planet, which could be a viable location, with some terraforming, for a base or colony but getting decent supply lines would be a major stumbling block. However, a decision like that is above my pay grade.

Due to the lack of activity with this sector, I have reduced staffing levels for each shift to give everyone some down time and help boost morale.

I'm hopeful sector JK-302 will prove to be more exciting. We need a bit of excitement or this could be a very long three years of our five mission.