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Lieutenant Alec MacBain

Name Alec MacBain

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 160
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Alec is well fit. He keeps his hair short with no beard or mustache. Has no piercings or tattoos.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Lachlan
Mother Amelia
Sister(s) Olivia

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alec is friendly and outgoing. He has an upbeat personality and is always willing to lend a hand if needed. He is open minded.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hard working and dedicated. Punctual

Can be stubborn.
Ambitions To someday have a ship of his own.
Hobbies & Interests reading, games of all kinds. builds model ships, cars, etc.

Personal History Alec was born on a Starship the oldest of two children. For as long as Alec can remember he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become an operations officer. It wasn't just that he wanted to be like his father, he was truly interested in the position. He loved growing up on a Starship. When he was in his teens both Alec and his sister Olivia spent the summer visiting family on Earth. Though Alec enjoyed spending that time with his family, he never felt at home To him, he belonged among the stars.

Alec loved school and worked hard to get good grades so that when he graduated he could apply and be accepted to the academy. Once Alec was old enough, he spent a lot of time in the operations department, or on the computer learning all he could about operations. He was determined to go to the Academy and succeed.

When he was sixteen he met Alice, a young girl his age. Alec dated her for two years, until they graduaged from school. It was then that they discovered their lives would be going in different directions. Alice wanted to become a teacher and live on a planet that Starfleet had a settlement. That was her dream. She had thought Alec would grow out of his drive to be in Operations. They parted on friendly terms, though Alec felt as if his heart had been torn in two. He has sense been cautious when it comes to relationships.

Service History

At the age of seventeen, Alec attended the Academy, in the Operations area of study. He worked hard, having little time for personal relationships, though he was and still is close to his roommate. Stephen Gates. They became more like brothers than friends. It was a bond that Alec hoped to have with others as he served on ships.

In 2363, Alec graduated from the Academy in the Operations Division. He was immediately assigned to the USS Montague. Alec caught the eye of the Operations Chief who took him under his wing and taught him hands on what he needed to know to someday become the head of a department Alec served there until 2365 when he was transferred to the USS Saginaw.

From the moment Alec came on board the USS Saginaw he was given bridge shifts and showed his expertise in Operations. He was there for a year when he was offered a promotion to Assistant Operations Chief. Alec felt his career was finally coming together. One thing he had to learn and still has issues with is tendency to become stubborn when he thinks he is right. He has come a long way in that area.

Alec spent four years on board the USS Saginaw, where he experienced many of the challenges of being on a ship. His father passed away and he was unable to return for the funeral, as well as missing his sisters wedding. Also the hardship of making friends only to have them transfer off to new assignments was a challenge but it was lessons learned in the life of a starship officer.

Growing discontent, Alec felt like he would never move up from being the assistant chief as the current chief was settled in and had no intention of going anywhere. Alec put in for a transfer and in 2369 he was promoted to Operations Chief and sent to the USS Ticonderoga where he currently serves.

Service Record 2359-2363 - Strarfleet Academy - Cadet

2363-2365 - USS Montague - Operations Officer

2365-2369 - USS Saginaw - Assistant Operations Officer

2369-Present - Chief Operations Officer