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Lieutenant JG Naomi Blackman

Name Naomi Virginia Blackman

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6 Feet
Weight 125 Ibs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Naomi is a slender woman, who appears to have very long legs despite only being 5'6 feet tall. She is average built, and spends most of her work out time, doing cardio workouts.


Spouse Widowed, but looking
Children Carolyn Anna Montgomery, 6
Father Daniel Mark Blackman
Mother Lucia Alexandria Blackman (Murphy)
Brother(s) Victor Andreas Blackman, 35
Daniel Erik Blackman, 32
Sister(s) Isabella Iris Blackman, 37
Andrea Carly Blackman, 29
Jeanette Erika Blackman, 26
Gabriel Kim Blackman, 23
Other Family Alexander Montgomery, Widow and father of Carolyn Montgomery.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Naomi is a 28-year-old Starfleet Pilot. When she is not flying a starship, she loves to spend her down time as a tea maker who enjoys travelling, listening to music and bowling. Naomi is often described as generous and creative, but can also be very boring and a bit standoffish.

Since joining Starfleet, she has learned to stop being standoffish and learn to be more social able. She was raised in a large family, so standing out was something she rarely did. In Starfleet she finally feels like she can standout and stop being so standoffish.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Creative
+ Dependable
+ Focused
+ Taking Initiative
+ Compassionate

- Standoffish
- Insecure & Sensitive
- Self Control, to eager to prove herself
- Impatient
-Takes on to much responsibility
Ambitions To become a Starship Captain
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
Tea Making ~ Preparing and making
Listening to music ~ Big fan of the 21st Century Earth
Cardio Workouts, while listening to music

Outdoor Traveling ~ Camping, Hiking, Backpacking
Community Service ~ Working with Youth
Gamming ~ Card Games, Board Games
Art ~ Contemporary Art

Personal History ---------------------------------
Early Childhood & Family

Naomi was the second youngest child out of the seven children. She rarely tried to fight for the affections of her parents. She liked them, but to her they were always out of reach. And they did try to make Naomi feel part of the family, however it was a struggle trying to raise seven kids and give them all affection.

Naomi lived on Earth with her parents and siblings. Her family was a Starfleet Family. Her mother is a doctor and her father is a Captain, but not of a Starship. He was a station commander nears mars. He would travel daily from Mars to Earth to be with his family.

Her mother was a doctor, and assigned at Starfleet Academy. All of her siblings joined Starfleet when they were the rightful age. And all of them where given commissions.

Naomi went to elementary school, and completed the courses required then eventually moved into middle school and eventually into high school. During high school she started to learn more about Starfleet and the ability to travel with them. She loved the idea of traveling. From a young age, she wondered what it would be like to get away from her family, and do something she wanted to do.

Starfleet Career

USS Ticonderoga 2371 - Present

Naomi is a starting to come out of her shell, she is often as described as being boring always keeping to herself. During her last assignment as Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer , she went a small transformation. From being a shy girl, who never wanted the spotlight. To becoming a cocky young arrogant pilot. Naomi prefers the quiet life, but she knows in her line of work, it is expected of her to be the life of the party.

Naomi prefers to read a good book, but lately she has been spending more time learning to become more sociable and noticed. Naomi had a hard time standing out, being the second youngest child in her family. When she joined Starfleet she expected to blend in and hide in the sea of people.

from 2371-2373, Naomi was learning how to stand out on her own, and worked her way up the ranks from Gamma Shift Flight Control Officer up to Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer. She was now ready to lead her own department. Well according to department head she was.

2372: In February Naomi was offered Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer position and moved to the Beta Shift. She spent the past seven months focusing on her child and her duties. Her department head also started to work with her about becoming more sociable. He told her, if she wanted to succeed she needed to stand out. And get noticed. For the rest of the year, Naomi focused on learning everything she could.

2371: In June, Naomi boards the USS Ticonderoga with her 4 year old daughter, is assigned to the Gamma Shift Flight Control Officer position. She starting to heal from the emotional wounds of loosing her widow just a year ago. Naomi spends the next six months learning how to raise her daughter on her own, and settle into a new life apart from her Husband.

Starbase 256 "New Haven" 2368-2371

Naomi married Alexander Montgomery in the Summer of 2365 while attending Starfleet Academy. They got married while they attended the Academy. Naomi was a few months pregnant when they got married. They lived happily together until his untimely demise in 2370. He was killed in action, defending the station against a pirate attack. His runabout was killed with all hands.

From 2368 to 2370, Naomi spent her time as a runabout pilot, and shuttle pilot. She had no desires or cares in the world, beyond raising her little girl and being with Alexander. All of that changed in 2370. Suddenly she found herself alone, and a young daughter to raise.

After the loss of her husband, Naomi felt that staying on the station was to painful, and she needed to start over again. To begin to heal, so she applied to serve on a starship as a control flight officer. In the Summer of 2371 she was accepted to the USS Ticonderoga.
Service Record 2371-Present
USS Ticonderoga
Chief Control Flight officer

Star Base New Haven
Control Flight Officer