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Captain Eryv ch’Azaarhir

Name Eryv ch’Azaarhir

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Thaan
Species Andorian
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 75kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Zaar is a slender Andorian. He has short, regularly trimmed hair and is always clean shaven.


Spouse Kil ch'Zaokrorh (Chan) Pilloss Zh'erilnol (Zhen) Vora Sh'tolros (Shen)
Children Asitti Sh'vhineth (Zhen)
Father Kyr th'Thianneth (Thaan) Tyr ch'Vaalrith (Chan)
Mother Jhevo Sh'kethrirh (Zhen) Vromoth Sh'thorren (Shen)
Brother(s) Etib ch'Itiavat (Thaan) Bysohr ch'Echavon (Chan)
Sister(s) Sassa Sh'cholret (Zhen)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zaar is very down to earth and tries to be open. He has always had an open door policy from his early days at the academy, for fellow cadets, to his early career with fellow lower deck crew members. The further his career has gone the more people he is happy to talk too. It has been mentioned numerous times that he should have been counselor.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Respected Officer
+ Knowledgeable
+ Always open

- Lacks in confidence
Ambitions Hope's to join the Diplomacy circle and become an Ambassador.
Hobbies & Interests Zaar enjoys reading technical journals and engineering papers in his spare time. He also has a keen interest in early Starfleet engineering. He finds it fascinating how different they were to Andorian technology of the same time.

Personal History Eryv ch’Azaarhir, known as Zaar, is an Andorian Chan. He was born into a loving family bondgroup. His parents all had an engineering background, which meant Zaar was tinkering with stuff from a young age. Only one was a Starfleet Officer, two had civilian Engineering jobs on or above the Andorian homeworld and one was the Federation Councilor for Andoria. All passed on their skills as well their love and affection to Zaar over his youth. He enjoyed spending time with each and everyone of them and continues to have a close relationship with them.

During his schooling, Zaar became fascinated which ship design and warp technologies. This pushed him towards Starfleet and to follow in his one of his fathers footsteps with hopes of becoming a starship designer.

In his late teen’s he joined his own bond group, they tried many times to conceive a baby and eventually did. He has a 15 year old daughter, but due to his position in Starfleet and differences in the way she wants to live her life, they haven’t spoken for a few years but still gets regular updates from his other bond group.

Service History

At the age of 18, he said goodbye to his parents and his own bond group, and headed off to San Francisco to join Starfleet academy. After completing basic training, Zaar transferred to Starfleet Corps of Engineers to start his Engineering training. He excelled at warp theory and astrophysics, as well as taking on extra curricular studies of martial arts, away team tactics, basic first aid and exobiology.

After completing his Engineering course, Zaar was assigned to the USS Walker, a Ambassador class vessel. She was an old but sturdy ship. While aboard the Walker, Zaar was taken under the wing by the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Glenn Brooks.

In 2358, the USS Walker was retired from service. Brooks, now a Lieutenant Commander, spoke to his new Commanding Officer aboard the Shran and asked for Ensign Zaar to be assigned to his Engineering team. The request was granted along with a promotion to Lieutenant JG. Two years later, after a skirmish with Nausicaan pirates, the assistant chief engineer was killed. Commander Brooks promoted Zaar to the assistant Chief position with a promotion to full Lieutenant.

A few years later, Starfleet commissioned the USS Yeager and offered Zaar the Chief Engineer position. Honoured, he gladly accepted. To get his hands on Starfleet’s newest Starship was a dream come true. Five years after Yeager left spacedock, she was back for a minor refit after spending the first few years of her life exploring the fringe’s of known space. Her Captain retired and was replaced by Captain Glenn Brooks. The Andorian was pleased to be working with his old friend and mentor again. Before they left space dock again, Zaar was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Yeager's Second Officer.

Zaar enjoyed the new challenges that command brought but was eager to learn and had a fine teacher on Captain Brooks. However, in 2366, the Yeager was attacked in a misunderstanding by a Cardassian Keldon Class warship. Yeager was left for dead and allowed to drift in space. The USS Sapphire came to Yeager's aid and rescued the survivors.

Captain Brooks wanted to keep his surviving crew together so requested they all be assigned to his next command. The USS Ticonderoga was commissioned and assigned head to the Beta Quadrant.

Zaar was made chief engineer of this fine vessel, which made him very proud. After three years of service, Ticonderoga's First officer was given command of the USS Dart, a Nova class vessel.

With Starfleet resources tight, Captain Brooks promoted from within and made his chief engineer, Zaar, a full commander and promoted him to the position of first officer.

Zaar was honoured to be chosen by his mentor and friend. However, six months after the appointment, Captain Brooks was killed after a surprise attack by a Kzinti scout ship.

After limping back to the nearest Starbase for repairs, Admiral Rex McCormick decided to promote Zaar to Captain and Commanding Officer of the USS Ticonderoga.

In 2371, Captain Zaar was given the opportunity to explore the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant with a five year mission to travel to the far side of Romulan space and begin exploring what was beyond.
Service Record 2351 - 2354 ~ Starfleet Academy ~ Cadet

2354 - 2358 ~ USS Walker ~ Ensign ~ Engineer

2358 - 2363 ~ USS Shran ~ Lieutenant JG - Lieutenant ~ Engineer/Assistant Chief Engineer

2363 - 2366 ~ USS Yeager ~ Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander ~ Chief Engineer

2366 - Feb 2369 ~ USS Ticonderoga ~ Lieutenant Commander ~ Chief Engineer

Feb 2369 - Nov 2369 ~ USS Ticonderoga ~ Commander ~ First Officer

Nov 2369 - Present ~ USS Ticonderoga ~ Captain ~ Commanding Officer